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Packing and shipping
to any destination

We respond to our client's specifications. From individual wooden pallet cases to large scale multiple case and pallet orders. Our dynamic team are equipped to manage your business requirements.


Business Re-location

Packing and moving company operations to China

This was a job made up of a whole business’ paper work, machinery and tools. All needing to be shipped to China with either waterproof lining or barrier foil packaging. The consignment consisted of dozens of packing cases ranging from small cases to carry as little as 10kg right up to large cases carrying up to 14 tonnes. The whole consignment was packed, secured and loaded on to HGV transport on site and shipped via boat to China.


The full consignment arrived safe, sound, on time and in the same condition it left the site. Some of the larger cases provided a problem as all the weight (up to 14 tonnes) was situated in the centre of the base, but still needed to be lifted from the ends of the packing case with chains. We overcame this problem with bespoke designed bases made up from large heavy weight materials allowing the consignment to be lifted and transported safely and securely.


Cradles designed to carry MRI Scanners

We were asked if a solution to carry newly built cylindrical chambers from the main section of several MRI scanners could be designed and packed on site safely. The solution agreed on consisted of large neoprene lined cradles fixed and secured to large heavy weight bases to give a large surface area of contact between the product and its bespoke base.

The scanners were then craned into position on the cradles and ratchet strapped down with a chip foam cushion under the strapping to avoid any damage in transit. The company which asked us to provide this service were very happy with our work and all of the items arrived at there destination in perfect condition.

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